Marian patiently coordinated every aspect of the selling process.

I am writing to let you know of the outstanding professional service my husband and I recently received from your staff member, Marian Gregor.

Marian expertly coached us to make the most time and cost-effective repairs to our 100 year old farm house. While our home is very beautiful, with magnificent gardens along the Raisin River, it could certainly use a great deal of loving care due to its age. As we have two small children, time and money are not something we have in unlimited supply. She applied her knowledge and skill as a Realtor to our beautiful but needy home to limit the repairs to only those that would have the greatest impact on a buyer.

Marian helped us to find contractors who would do a good job for a good price. She gave us references, and contacted them directly if needed, in order to obtain timely service, even in the height of the work season. She seemed to accomplish the impossible. The contractors repeatedly told us they were unavailable for months, but after a call from Marian, they would appear within the week. Marian’s contacts, and her willingness to intervene, allowed us to put our house on the market in record time.

Marian then guided us through the entire selling process with skilled professionalism. She told us how to help our house appear its best. When the offer was received, she worked with us to obtain the best possible price. Once the price was agreed, she helped us to meet the buyer’s contingencies. She found the contractors to do work as needed. She even sent her own husband to help us open windows painted shut decades earlier! Marian patiently coordinated every aspect of the selling process.

Marian Gregor is truly a wonderful asset to anyone needing to sell a home. We cannot thank her enough, and want to be sure that you are aware of the caliber of her work. We look forward to working with Marian, and any company for whom she works, again in the future.